Frequently asked questions

What is the cancellation policy?

Guests must pay 50% on reservation/booking and the remainder cash on arrival. Bookings are non transferable unless notified 21 days in advance. By reserving this booking you fully agree to the Terms and Conditions laid out in the site website. There is no refund of the 50% deposit for cancellations. Guests have the option of transferring their booking if dates are available and this must be done within 21 days of checking in date.

What time is check in/ check out?

Check in is 3pm and no later than 10pm. Check out is 10am and guests must vacate the site by 10am.

Are the pods heated/ towels provided?

The pods all have an eco oil filled radiator 1.5 kw; guests are provided with bedding that must not leave the pod. There is electric in the pods with USB connectors. There is one towel provided per guest for hottub use only.

Are there toilets and showers?

There are two gas operated showers and two eco toilets in a shower block opposite all the pods

Is there a smoking area?

Yes there is a designated smoking area which guests will be made aware of on arrival; no smoking in the pods, Shebeen, Kitchen or anywhere beyond the smoking area.

Can you bring alcohol?

Yes and bins are provided for recycling purposes.

Is breakfast provided

Not at this time but there is a fully functioning kitchen and complimentary tea/coffee

Is there private parking?

Yes, one car per pod can park inside the premises which is next to the glampsite

Is there a fire-pit and wood available?

You can purchase a fire starter kit and a large basket of seasoned wood and marshmallows for €10

Are the owners available to guests?

Owners live adjacent to the site and will be available during working hours onsite 7.30am -12am

Is there a barbeque?

There is no BBQ however guests who can bring their own disposable BBQ and light it in The Wee Ceili House or on top of their firepit

Rules of the site

-Guests agree to the reservation and refund policy as outlined when booking -No amplified music after 11pm -Unsociable behaviour is not tolerated -Noise must be kept to a minimum after 11pm -Guests indulging in loud rowdy behaviour will be asked to leave without refund -Guests must use the designated smoking areas only. -Excessive drinking will not be tolerated as it will increase risk to your safety and the safety of others. -Only paying guests who are staying overnight are permitted on site at any time. -If you move furniture outside your pod you must put it back inside afterwards; no bedding outside of pods and this includes the throw. No swinging/leaning on the half door in the pod. -Please respect the property of The Hideaway. All breakages must be paid for in full. -Guests are requested that no noise should be audible from their accommodation or communal area between 11:30pm and 9am. Between theses times guests are required to respect the needs of other guests. -Guests should wear appropriate footwear as there are uneven surfaces; high heels or bare feet and flipflops are not deemed suitable -AT NO TIME should guests step over the barriers at the pond and must not interfere with the wildlife pond or waterfall -NO food in the Shebeen at any time. Guidance will be given regarding drinks permitted in this space. -Guests will be shown allocated areas for recycling your rubbish. -The Shebeen shall be closed every evening as outlined on the website at night. -Guests must leave the communal areas neat, tidy and clean particularly the kitchen area and Shebeen AT ALL TIMES. -Guests must not touch the wood burning stove in the Shebeen or go behind the bar -NO CANDLES TO BE BURNED IN THE SHEBEEN; no decorating the Shebeen without permission from owners -The Hideaway reserves the right to cancel bookings in the case of extreme weather conditions. -The Hideaway cannot be held responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen personal property. -Guests must not enter the private premises of the owners at any time and respect their privacy. -Only 4 cars permitted on site; one per pod. -Guests must vacate the site by 10am on day of departure.

Can I bring children?

No, the site is for adults only and guests may have to produce ID on arrival

Are Parties allowed

Only small gatherings are allowed and this must be discussed with the owners at the time of booking. The same time applies to the opening and closing of the Shebeen to small gatherings as outlined on the website.

Is there a hot tub?

Yes a 4 berth wood fired hot tub. Each pod can book their own private hour and enjoy the hot tub. No fake tan, body shimmer or make up to be worn prior to arrival on site if using the hot tub for hygiene purposes